Question of the Day Bundle for Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten

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Question of the Day: Beginning Sounds

Question of the Day: Number of Letters in your Name

Question of the Day: Are You Wearing (Clothing)

Question of the Day: How Do You Feel?

Question of the Day: Do You Like...

Question of the Day: Are You Wearing (Colors)

Editable Question of the Day/Week Stars FREEBIE

Question of the Day: Letters in my Name


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The Question of the Day gets students learning the minute they walk in the door when you make question of the day part of the routine! You can use it as part of their morning routine, at morning meeting, at circle time, or as a transition activity.

Included are seven different pattern sentences (212 total questions) to use for as your question of the week/day. Save over 30% when you buy the bundle!

Question of the Day/Week Packs Included are: Click on the links below to view each question pack!

• Question of the Day/Week: Colors

• Question of the Day/Week: Clothing

• Question of the Day/Week: Letters In My Name

• Question of the Day/Week: How Many Letters In Your Name

• Question of the day/Week: How Do You Feel

• Question of the Day/Week: Beginning Sounds

• Question of the Day /Week: Do You Like

Editable Name Cards and Name Stars are included too!

• Editable Question of the Day/Week Stars

• EDITABLE Name Cards

What are students learning during Question of the Day/Week?

– concepts of print

– emergent reading skills

– sight words

– his/her name

– letters, sounds, counting, and/or vocabulary, depending on what the question is

– interpreting data on a graph

– more/less when analyzing the graph

The question of the day/week can be used in/on pocket carts, bulletin boards, refrigerator, metal oil pan, or magnet boards. You can buy the oil pans at Walmart in the auto section. Make a T Chart out of tape to divide the parts of the chart.

You pick when you want to change the question: daily, bi-weekly, or weekly. This was designed for preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten classrooms.


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