Grocery Store Dramatic Play


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Grocery Store Dramatic Play is a fun, food theme you can do at any time during the year in your dramatic play center. It is a great theme to do in November with Thanksgiving or in January when everyone is eating healthy for the New Year. There is a parent note you can send home to introduce the study and get families involved! My teacher planning web breaks the theme down, week by week. It even includes a book list. There are labels and pictures showing how to set up your Grocery Store in your dramatic play center. Just print the props and your students will do the rest. This is a theme/unit designed for a preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten classroom.

Each activity includes a teacher instructions and ideas page!
• Grocery Store Teacher Planning Web & Teacher Tips
• Parent Note
• Grocery Store Up Close Photographs of the Center
• What dos each role do?
• Role Necklaces & Role Posters
• Student Idea Web: Grocery Store
• Grocery Store Bunting Banner
• Grocery Store Labels (with and without words)
• Produce Section: Fruits & Veggies (how to & labels with and without words)
• Signs: Open, Closed, Cart Parking, Employees Only (with and without Words)
• Specials Board (with and without words)
• Price Tags & Sale Signs (2 Variations)
• Number Lines & Receipts
• Money (2 Variations)
• Inventory List
• Shopping Lists (3 Variations)
• Store Ads (2 Variations)

Want to see it in Action? Check out this blog post all about the Grocery Store Dramatic Play!

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