Behavior Management Green and Red Choices Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten


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Red and Green Choices is a GAME CHANGER! It will change the way students act in your classroom! Making choices, how to interact with others, and act/behave is a skill (aka character education) we need to teach just like we need to teach letters and sounds. It takes lots of practice and visual supports for little learners.

Included are 34 green choices (good choices) cards and 29 red choices (bad choices) cards. You choose the choices you think will best fit the needs of your class. Use the cards to make a Green and Red Choice Poster and/or a green choice necklace to use as visuals to support students making good behavior choices! There is a color and blackline book to use at circle or for a center activity. You will also find a book list, song, sticker charts, behavior charts, positive notes home, and pages of teacher tips filled with ideas to teach and support making green and red choice!

Included: Choice cards come in two sizes: 12 cards to a page and 6 cards to a page

• Parent Letter (3 options plus editable options)

• 34 Green Choice Cards (ex: work as a team, put my things away, follow directions, play with my friends, use my words, give hugs, use gentle hands)

• 29 Red Choice Cards (kick, hit, not follow directions, mean words, take others turns, yell, break things run)

• Red & Green Choice Headers (2 sizes, 2 font choices)

• Red & Green Choice Headers with Thumbs Up (green choice) and Thumbs Down (red choice) (2 sizes, 2 font choices)

• Book: I Can Make Green Choices (color and blackline) (half page size)

• Positive Notes Home (4 to a page and 8 to a page)

• Green Choice Sticker Charts (2 designs & 3 sizes to choose from)

Teacher Tips Pages:

• Red Choice & Green Choice Tips & Tricks

• How to Make Red Choice & Green Choice Posters

• Utilizing Class Meetings

• Practice, Practice, Practice

• I Can Make Green Choices Song

• Using Children’s Literature (with book list)

• How to Make Green Choice Necklaces

• Green Choice Book

• Using Sticker Charts

• Using Behavior Charts

• Using Positive Notes Home

• Blank editable small and medium choice cards (No clip art is on these cards. Insert your own clip art to create any cards you need.)

The editable files are PowerPoint files. You will need PowerPoint to edit these files.

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