Math Concepts Counting Stews™️


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Counting brews and stews are a FUN, hands-on way to develop counting concepts and skills with preschool, pre-k, tk, and kindergarten students!

—–Please note you will need to find and collect various manipulatives for these activities. Many ideas and options for each “ingredient” is included. Most items you already have in your classroom or can be purchased at the dollar store, Target Dollar Spot, or craft store.

How to Play:

Students pick a recipe card. Students identify the number and count out the corresponding amount. After the recipe is complete, mix the brew or stew and sing the song (optional). Then sort the items in the tray and play again! Optional recording pages are included.

Or students can fill in the blank recipe cards, count out the items, and mix the stew or brew.

Add it Math Mats have been added for kinder and first-grade students! Take counting stews to the next level by adding the ingredients and writing the equation on the math mat!

Each themed brew or stew includes:

• Song card “I’m Making a _____ Brew/Stew” for students to sing as they mix the stew or brew.

• 6 recipe cards with numbers up to 5

• 6 recipe cards with numbers up to 10

• 3 blank recipe cards (students write the numbers on the recipe cards with dry erase markers)

• Ingredient card labels

• Recording page

What’s Included:

• Teacher instruction pages (filled with ideas, tips, and strategies to implement it in your classroom)

• Organization Labels

• 2 Number Lines (to support students who can’t identify numbers yet)

• Add It Math Mats (can be used with any stew or brew)

Stews & Brews Included:

Color Stew

• Number Stew

• 2D Shape Stew with basic shapes (circle, oval, square, rectangle, rhombus/diamond, and triangle). Two sets of stew cards are included. One with diamond and one with rhombus.

• 2D Shape stew with pattern block shapes (rhombus/diamond, hexagon, trapezoid, square, and triangle). Two sets of stew cards are included. One with diamond and one with rhombus.
3D Shape Stew

Save BIG and get the Counting Stew Bundle! Get this resource and ALL the other counting stew units.


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