Addition and Subtraction Preschool, Pre-K, & Kinder – Math for Little Learners


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The Addition and Subtraction Unit is packed with hands-on activities to explore both addition and subtraction concepts using manipulatives you already have in your classroom. Worksheets are included as well but are optional. Many of the activities and games come in various levels, so you can easily differentiate for your students and your classroom. There is also a suggested book list you can use for circle time.

The activities have a page of teacher tips to help you teach the activity easily and to ensure it will go smoothly, as well as a photo of it in action in the classroom.

Use this unit all at once, or sprinkle it in throughout the year. The activities can be used whole groups, independent practice, centers/stations, morning work tubs, table time, early finishers, RTI, interventions, and small group work.

This has been designed for preschool, pre-k, tk, and kindergarten classrooms.

What’s Included:

  • Getting Started Information
  • Organization Labels
  • Book List
  • FlashCards (equations and dominos)
  • Take It! Subtract It! Jars Manipulative Mats
  • Build It! Add It! Cube Manipulative Mats
  • Addition and Subtraction Mats (black and white) Use with flashcards)
    • Number Bonds
    • 5, 10, 20 Frames
    • 5, 10 Smash Frame
    • Number Lines (10, 20)
  • Read, Build, Write Addition and Subtraction Mats (black and white)
  • Gumball Build 5 and Build 10 (with worksheet)
  • Build 5 and Build 10 (black and white) (with worksheets)
  • Construction Subtraction Smash 5 and Smash 10 (with worksheets)
  • Subtraction Smash, Subtraction Trash 5 and 10 (black and white) (with worksheets)
  • Addition Math Mats (5-frame and 10-frame options) (with worksheets)
    • Pizza
    • Donut
    • Waffle
    • Taco
  • Subtraction Math Mats (5-frame and 10-frame options) (with worksheets)
    • Bee
    • Seashell
    • Apple Tree
    • Dump Truck
  • Feed Me! Addition and Subtraction (with worksheets)
    • Monsters
    • Robots
  • Order Up! Add It Up!
    • Vegetable Stew
    • Ice Cream
  • Pet Bead and String Addition
  • How Many are Hiding? (with worksheets)
    • Dinosaur
    • Bear
    • Ocean Animals
    • Bug
  • Addition (four-piece) Puzzle
  • Subtraction (three-piece) Puzzles
  • More worksheets

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