Class Rules and Circle Time Rules Posters, Books, and Positive Notes Home


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Classroom Rules and Circle Rules are simple rules and expectations for your preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten class! They are easy to remember and developmentally appropriate rules to help you build a caring classroom community beginning from the first day of school. It is a great way to promote and teach good character and good manners in your classroom. Teaching social skills and character education should be part of your intentional teaching each day. Included are teaching strategies with photographs, circle rules posters in three sizes, class rules posters in three sizes, and a class rules coloring book. A parent note and positive notes home about the class rules are also included so you can easily create a positive home-school connection! Just print and send home!

Circle Rules: (with simple visuals and more complex/detailed visuals)

Quiet Voice, Listen, Look, Sit with Hands to Yourself, Raise your Hand, Learn

Class Rules:

Listen Be Kind, Be a Friend, Be Safe, Do Your Best, Take Care of our School

What’s Included:

•Circle Time & Class Rules…What’s the Difference? Teacher Page

•Teaching Tips & Ideas

•Circle Time Rules Poster Teacher Page with photographs

•Circle Time Rules Posters (simple pictures)

→ simple rules, full page

→ simple rules, quarter page

→ simple rules one-page poster color

→ simple rules one-page poster black line

•Circle Time Rules Posters (detailed pictures)

→ detailed rules, full page

→ detailed rules, quarter page

→ detailed rules one-page poster color

→ detailed rules one-page poster black line

•School Rules/Class Rules Posters

→ full page

→ quarter page

→ one-page poster color

→ one-page poster black line

•Using Children’s Literature Teacher Page

•Anchor Charts & Chart Pieces (color and black line)

•Rules Introduction Note for Families & Teacher Page

•Positive Notes Home & Teacher Page (black line)

•Class Rules Coloring Book & Teacher Page (black line)

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