Play Dough Activities- Routine, Task Cards, Literacy, Math, SEL, and MORE!


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Play dough activities are the perfect multi-sensory activity to strengthen fine motor muscles and learn various literacy, math, and SEL skills. Make learning FUN again with playdough! Use the visual playdough routine charts (many options to choose from) so students can play at the center independently with peers. The task cards and posters have real photographs to show students various ways they can manipulate the dough.

If you attended the Education Summit Virtual Conference 2022, these are the same files and activities. You already have everything included. Sign up for the conference HERE and watch my session All Things Playdough!

Also included are play dough activities to teach: letter formation, letter identification, letter sounds, syllables, names, sight words, feeling/emotions, counting (one-to-one correspondence), shapes, patterns, non-standard measurement, adding, subtracting, making 5/10, and graphing. This has been developed for preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, and first grade.

Use the playdough sign-up sheets at open house to families can make playdough for the classroom all year long! Included is a playdough reminder note with a recipe at the bottom.

What’s Included: (this is a zipped file)

  • Labels for organization
  • Play Dough Recipes
  • Family Play Dough Sign-Ups and Note (use at open house with various options to choose from)
  • Play Dough Visual Routine and Rules Posters (various options to choose from)
  • Play Dough Task Cards and Poster with REAL PHOTOGRAPHS
  • Play Dough Letter and Number Poster with REAL PHOTOGRAPHS
  • Play Dough Pre-Writing Cards
  • Play Dough Emotion and Feelings Face Mats and Feeling Chart
  • Play Dough Letter Cards
  • Play Dough Names and Sight Word Cards (Make It, Write It) – Separate PDF
  • Editable PDF Word Mats Make It, Write It – Separate PDF (type in student names or sight words and it will automatically make the mats for you)
  • Play Dough CVC Sound Smash
  • Play Dough Syllable Smash
  • Play Dough 2D Shape Mats
  • Play Dough 3D Shape Mats
  • Play Dough Count Ten Frame Mats (1-20)
  • Play Dough Addition Mats
  • Play Dough Make 5, Make 10 Addition Mats
  • Play Dough Subtraction Smash
  • Play Dough Pattern Mats
  • Play Dough Measure Mats
  • Play Dough Spin and Graph

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