Just the Data Binder – for Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten


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Need to track your student’s skills assessment DATA in an easy and manageable way? This is it! Make a Data Binder to collect all your assessment data (includes TONS of EDITABLE pieces)! Just print, edit, assess, and record in your data binder!

Make an Assessment Data Binder! Put the included EDITABLE cover in a see-through binder and add each student’s individual student skill sheets as well as the whole class assessment data charts. It will allow you to track and monitor each student’s skill level and the whole class easily all year long! Use a 3-ring binder, have it bound at an office store, or use Happy Planner rings.

What’s included in the Data Binder:

Teacher instruction pages filled with tips, tricks, ideas, and REAL photos of it in action!

Individual Student Data Pages

Individual Student Skill Sheets (4 to choose from or make your own using the EDITABLE form) – You can track each student’s individual skill level ALL year long on just two pages!

• Editable POWER POINT (slide skill boxes on and off the page or make your own)

• Not Editable PDF

Progress Reports to match the Individual Student Data Pages

4 to choose from or make your own using the EDITABLE form. Simple and easy way to communicate with families about their child’s skill level.

• Editable POWER POINT (slide skill boxes on and off the page or make your own)

• Not Editable PDF

Whole Class Assessment Data Charts

For many objectives or learning standards are class data charts to track your entire class on one page. I use it to create various groups and for planning.

• Editable PDF Auto Fill (Type your class list ONCE, and it auto-fills all the forms for you!)


• Not Editable PDF

Whole Class Data Charts on the following skills/objectives (editable) :

Identifies Letters, Beginning Sounds, Syllables, Rhyme, Sight Words (Dolch List, Fry List), States of Writing, Colors, Identifies Numerals (1-20), Identifies Shapes (2D & 3D), Counting, Patterns, More/Less, Positional Words, Sorting, Name Writing, Drawing Shapes, Writing Letters, Writing Numbers, Handwriting, Cutting (scissor skills), Self Portraits, Hops, Jumps, Throws, Catches, Runs, Balances, Social Emotional Skills

Blank class data charts are included as well, so you can create your own using the objective and standards you use. (editable)

Observation Anecdotal Notes Pages

6 options to choose from (not editable)

Binder Covers, Dividers, Divider Tabs, & Spines:

·Rainbow, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Red, Orange, Purple, Green, Teal, School themes, watercolor, and a few black and white designs included.


• Not Editable PDF

If you want to use the EDITABLE forms, you will need PowerPoint and Adobe (free version).

This was designed for use in preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten classrooms and is based on common core, various national standards, and state standards.

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