Directed Drawing BUNDLE for Preschool, Pre-K, Kindergarten

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Fall Directed Drawings (Fall, School, Halloween, & Thanksgiving)

Winter Directed Drawings: Winter, Polar Animal, Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine's

Spring Directed Drawings (Spring, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Earth Day, Weather)

Summer Directed Drawings: Ocean, Summer Foods, Sports, USA

Themes Directed Drawings (Dinosaur, Dental Health, Hibernation, Pets, and MORE )

Book Buddy Directed Drawings (Coconut Tree, Pigeon, Monster, Mouse, & More )

Transportation Directed Drawings: Boats, Construction, Trains, and MORE!

Animals Directed Drawings: Ocean, Farm, Zoo, and Forest Animals

Directed Drawings Binder Covers, Labels, and Student Covers

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Directed drawings are a fun way to teach students how to draw and build fine motor strength! Each Directed Drawing Unit will include eight different directed drawings. These directed drawings are very simple, making them perfect for little learners in preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, and first grade. Included are ideas to make directed drawings with various art media and background options.


•Full-page directed drawing poster

•Half-page directed drawing posters

•Draw and Write! Students can draw and then write about it below!

•Labels, covers, and student portfolio covers

What’s Included:
– Fall Directed Drawings: Crayon, Apple, Fire Truck, Pumpkin, Acorn, Spider, Frankenstein, Turkey

-Winter Directed Drawings: Mittens, Snowman, Penguin, Polar Bear, Gingerbread, Christmas Tree, Reindeer, Menorah, Valentine

-Book Buddies Directed Drawings: Caterpillar, Cool Cat, Color Monster, Pigeon, Coconut Tree, Llama, Pouty Fish, Mouse & Cookie

-Spring Directed Drawings: Rainbow, Leprechaun, Bunny, Kite, Flowers, Butterfly, Frog, & Earth

-Transportation Directed Drawings:Hot Air Balloon, Recycling Truck, Helicopter, Spaceship, Sailboat, Excavator, Train, & Bus

-Summer Directed Drawings: American Flag, Ice Cream, Watermelon, Baseball, Turtle, Bee, Shark, Crab

-Animals Directed Drawings:Tiger, Giraffe, Raccoon, Owl, Sheep, Pig, Jellyfish, Pufferfish

-Fun Themes Directed Drawings: Donut, Dinosaur, Puppy, Dental Health, Birthday Cake, Castle, Pizza, Sleepy Bear

Why should you use directed drawings in your classroom?
•Strengthens fine motor muscles.

•Easy way to infuse art into the classroom.

•Calming activity! Art is very calming and relaxing for most students.

•Fun way to practice following directions.

•Teaches students how to draw by noticing shapes in objects!

•Drawing is communicating! You will see growth and more details in their illustrations.

•Gorgeous bulletin boards and student art to decorate the classroom.

•Builds confidence and creativity.

These are perfect for Fine Motor Journals!

Helpful Tips and Tricks:

PREP: Print the directed drawing direction posters and prep the materials (paper, art media).

TEACHER DIRECTED LESSON: The first few directed drawing activities need to be teacher led to help all students be successful.

•You draw a step, model, and verbally explain how to draw each shape and the size (ex: “This shape looks like a small U shape, I’m going to make this small….down, curve, up”.) Then students draw that step.

•Continue to model a step then students draw a step until the drawing is complete.

•Model creating the background. Then students create the background.

•Encourage students that their painting is going to be unique, it’s ok to mess up, it’s ok if it’s not perfect.

SIGN THEIR NAME: Have students sign their names on the front of their drawings. Have name cards at the table for students to use as a model.

CENTER ACTIVITY: Once students have done multiple directed drawings in the classroom, they may be ready to do it independently. Now you can use directed drawings in center activities, early finisher activities, morning activity, indoor recess, or in the art center. Put out the various supplies and let students choose what they want to use to create their directed drawing.

PRACTICE WITH DRY ERASE BOARDS: You can have students practice on a dry erase board. Practice the whole picture or practice shapes.

THE PERFECTIONIST STUDENTS! You will always have some students that want their drawing to be perfect. BEFORE you begin each directed drawing, have a conversation about how each one of us is amazing and unique so your drawings will all be amazing and unique just like them! You can also model making mistakes and model reacting to that mistake.

DIRECTED DRAWINGS DO NOT REPLACE OPEN-ENDED ART: Make time for open-ended art too, so students have the opportunity to create, express themselves, and use their imagination that is process focused, not product focused.


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